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  1. A guide to staying positive, mindful and happy

    With a lot going on in the world right now, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. This guide to staying mindful & happy can help you stay positive in a testing time.

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  2. How to style a Midi Skirt this Summer with Lily Ella

    Midi skirts have been an on-trend item for many years now, constantly being reinvented and recycled with fun new colours and interesting designs for wear throughout almost all seasons. We show you how to style a midi skirt in ways that will make you feel fabulous.

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  3. Step into Summer with stand-out prints

    This summer season, it’s all about prints and getting as many different ones into our wardrobes as we can to create countless bold, beautiful looks that are synonymous with the nature outside at this time of year. 

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  4. Making a difference at Lily Ella

    Here at Lily Ella, we’re a passionate, family-run business made up of a strong community of dedicated, hard-working people. We believe all women deserve to feel beautiful and confident, which is why we've partnered with Smart Works to share our beautiful womenswear designs with the women who need it most.

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  5. The Joys of Jersey

    We all like a little give and take in our garments, which is why our incredibly comfortable, flattering array of womenswear designs are frequently crafted from premium jersey-knit fabric. Although there are many alternative fabrics creating an array of designs, patterns and signature shapes at Lily Ella, a jersey-knit garment is an investment piece that can truly prove its worth between seasons.

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  6. Lily Ella SS20 Collection

    After first opening our doors in August 2013, Lily Ella has proudly flown the flag for independent fashion in the North East for the last seven years, creating all of our beautiful, timeless collections for older ladies in-house. The team includes founder and designer Zoe Glover and a specialist team of garment technicians and merchandisers.

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  7. Cosy Winter Nights with Lily Ella

    Whilst entering the new decade gives us a chance to reflect, make lasting resolutions and kick-start the new year ahead of us, the brisk winter weather shows no signs of slowing down. Take a moment to read out latest blog post at Lily Ella, as we share some of our favourite, luxury nightwear suggestions designed especially to help us keep cosy and comfortable this season. 

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  8. Winter Wellness with Lily Ella

    Whilst Winter can be the most magical time of the year, those long, dark evenings and chilly temperatures bring us a new set of challenges to face, and like most things in life, it’s better to be prepared. Keep reading our guide to Winter at Lily Ella, as we talk you through our top wellness tips and how simple-yet-effective pick-me-ups can go a long way to putting the spring back in your step.

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  9. Which Dress Style Best Suits Your Body Shape?

    Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and we’re surrounded by beautiful women with different body shapes every single day. No two bodies are the same and that’s the beauty of the world and everyone in it, some of us are naturally curvier, some of us have narrower hips or wider shoulders - we’re all different and this is something that ought to be celebrated.

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