The month of February is perfect for many things, with sticking to your resolutions, trying new things and looking forward to Spring being some of the frequent favourites but, at Lily Ella, we wanted to use February 2021 as an opportunity to stop and look around at what we’ve created.

Ever since Lily Ella was founded back in 2013 by our founder Zoe, we have gone from strength to strength and we are incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved so far - from our numerous collections to most importantly, making each and every one of our customers special. If you’ve ever wondered where our inspiration comes from, what drives us to design beautifully flattering clothes for ladies and where our UK clothing brand originated, you’re in the right place to discover more about Lily Ella.

The Lily Ella Style

Ever since we began producing our very first designs, we have been refining our signature Lily Ella style by tweaking elements in order to perfect it. Of course, the world of fashion is ever-changing, with trends coming and going unexpectedly, but no matter the season or style, we always strive for three main elements in our clothes: flattering fits, stand out styles and beautiful fabrics.

Flattering Fits

We strive to make all our pieces in every collection comfortable, stylish and beautiful, ensuring our customers feel fabulous in each and every piece. One of the ways we achieve this is through our designed-to-flatter fits. From figure-hugging trousers to floating dresses, every piece of clothing designed by Lily Ella has the power to instil confidence and help our ladies regain self-love and confidence. In our attempt to ensure as many ladies as possible can benefit from this feeling, all of our British made women’s fashion is available from UK clothing sizes 10 to 26.

Stand Out Styles

One of the greatest joys in designing our own ethical fashion, here in the UK, is having the freedom to create bold new prints and experiment with stunning seasonal colour palettes that are as eye catching as they are flattering. Take our beautiful Veronica top and matching skirt for example. With its stunning, carefully designed floral base, every red, blue and and yellow tone was expertly chosen to suit the autumnal season and, worn together, with comfortable trousers or paired with one of our beautiful blouses, every lady is sure to feel fantastic whatever the occasion.

Beautiful Fabrics

One of the most exciting parts of the designing process is experimenting with beautiful fabrics that are soft and comfortable, as well as sustainable. We extensively search for the softest wools for our jumpers, exquisitely beaded fabric for our evening dresses and the most luxurious velvet for our stunning Una Velvet Trousers.

What We’ve Learned

While the Lily Ella brand has grown significantly since we established ourselves in 2013,we continue to develop and evolve as a business. Firstly, we’ve discovered a degree of freedom that is rare within the current fashion industry. As a small, independent UK fashion brand, we have the freedom to choose suppliers that meet our ethical mindset, ensuring that all of our beautiful clothes can be made with conscious decisions. Our scale of production allows us to carefully monitor our suppliers, who we ensure respect their workers in the same way we do. The importance of the relationships we form with our suppliers has become more and more important and vital to us over the years, and we’re extremely proud of our values and how they have developed.

Secondly, in the many years we have dedicated to refining our designs and communicating with our incredible customers, we’ve learned that our original inspiration was true; women want to feel amazing in any outfit they choose. Style is not limited to age and we are passionate about giving our customers a wide choice of flattering, comfortable and fashionable pieces to feel fabulous in.

Finally, and most importantly, we’ve learned that we absolutely love what we do here at Lily Ella. With new beautiful designs constantly being created in-house, we can’t wait to keep sharing our unique styles and creations for years to come.

Discover Ethical UK Fashion with Lily Ella

If you’re searching for stylish women’s fashion, made right here in the UK and for a brand that designs feel-good, flattering dresses, skirts, tops and more, look no further than Lily Ella. We lovingly and intricately design our clothes ourselves in the UK and deliver all across the world, ensuring you can feel fabulous in Lily Ella, wherever you are!

To view our latest designs, take a look at our AW20 lookbook. Inside, you will find our most stunning creations for the frosty seasons of Autumn and Winter.



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