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Blyth, Northumberland fireworks 2017 Paul Appleby Photography

Gone are the days when back gardens crackled with the sound of burning bonfires, rockets whooshed upwards from milk bottles and Catherine wheels whizzed round crazily on fence posts!

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Remember these? Remember, remember the 5th November – Standard Firewords.

Today we’ve got used to fantastic charity and community firework displays and up here in the north east we have more than our fair share of spectacular events. On the coast, both Blyth and Whitley Bay put on a great show – the whole seafront is lined as far as the eye can see with young and old alike, all wrapped up against the elements and enjoying the best free show of the year.  On a clear night the moon casts a huge silver glow over the sea.  Passengers on incoming aircraft to Newcastle airport must have a fabulous view as they round St Mary’s lighthouse on the final descent!

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Whitley Bay Fireworks 2017 Paul Appleby Photography

This season we’ve pushed the boat out at Lily Ella and we’ve added fun and cosy pom pom hats to our accessories.  Just the thing for bonfire night displays, dogs walks on crispy days, and well, anything outdoors and wintery!  They’ve been a great hit with customers as not only do they do the job, they look on trend and are so young at heart.  They make a great stocking filler gift for just about anyone too!

lilac pom pom

 We’ve also splurged out on some fantastic shawls and scarves, they’re sumptuously oversized and perfect for enveloping yourself in whenever you venture out.  They look and feel wonderful.  


Of course we’ve got your back covered too!  We’re particularly pleased with this season’s choice of padded jackets and coats – but if you don’t want to be that casual we have two superb coats with faux fur hoods that will tick all your boxes!

primrose coat

If you are heading out to a firework display why not take some home-made toffee apples with you for a treat for family and friends?  Just wrap them up in cellophane or brown paper and you’re good to go.  This is an easy recipe - we’re not sure about the rustic sticks but the picture looks great!

 toffee apples

 Recipe and photo courtesy of Delicious Magazine

Toffee apples

500g caster sugar

2tsp vinegar

50g unsalted butter

1 tbsp golden syrup

Red gel food colouring (optional)

Edible glitter (gold or silver) optional

8 medium apples

You’ll also need…

8 lollipop sticks or clean twigs

Baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper



1) Put the sugar, vinegar, butter, syrup and 150ml cold water in a pan over low heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved, then turn up the heat to medium and boil until the mixture turns a deep golden colour (or until a sugar thermometer or digital probe reaches 140°C).

 2) Using a fork, quickly swirl in some of the red gel food colouring and edible glitter. Insert a stick into the middle of each apple, then dip into the toffee, turning several times to coat fully, then sit on the tray lined with baking paper to set for around 30  minutes. These will keep for a couple of days.



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