As the colder weather creeps in, you may be in need of some inspiration for suitable autumn and winter activities. Whether you prefer the great outdoors or the cosy indoors, we’ve compiled a range of activity ideas for the season. To top off the list, we’re also pairing the activities with the ideal seasonal outfit for each. 

Ensure that you’re looking your best, no matter what the day ahead brings. Our compilation of autumnal outfits for ladies will help you if you’re new to the following autumn activities, as well as offer some fresh inspiration to the classic activities.

Craft Sessions

Crafting is the perfect way to unwind, as it can be quite therapeutic. There are a whole range of crafting activities you can do, including embroidery, knitting, or painting. Alternatively, you can choose to do something more seasonal, such as pumpkin carving or painting, or creating baubles or Christmas decorations.

If you need some time to yourself, pick your favourite craft or even try a new one and dedicate a day or two to complete a project. If you’re interested in a more social aspect, these types of activities offer themselves up as an excellent way to host an at-home crafting session with friends or family so that you can try out new hobbies together.

Alternatively, you can always include the grandkids! Let their creative imaginations run wild and create some special moments with a unique keepsake. Try painting pottery, crafting fridge magnets, or painting pumpkins with your grandchildren.

To really enjoy the crafting, wear something comfortable like our flattering Angelica Trousers. If you’re doing anything that may be messy, pair it with an old t-shirt to be safe, or cover up with an apron. If you choose to opt for a crafting event hosted elsewhere, you can layer up with our Angelica Jacket for a great casual look.

Home Baking

The autumn and winter seasons are ideal for baking, with the heat of the kitchen to warm you up and the delicious treats to give a cosy feeling, home baking shouldn’t be overlooked! Try baking pumpkin bread, cinnamon rolls, or maple cookies in the autumn, and yule logs, chocolate eclairs, and nut roasts in the winter.

These treats make perfect gifts for loved ones, or just make them for yourself! For baking we recommend wearing something comfortable and practical, such as our classic jeans which offer a flattering fit with extra stretch to ensure that you’re comfortable and can move freely. These jeans can be paired with a casual t-shirt or vest top, perfect for baking.

Autumn Walks

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times to go for a walk, with the changing colours and falling leaves, there are some stunning views to be had. A walk can spark conversations with strangers or your nearest and dearest, or going out on a brisk solo walk can just be a way to clear your mind and spend some quality time by yourself.

Keeping with the autumnal theme, we recommend the Luxury Wool Mix Trouser for an extra layer of warmth. The green tones contrast perfectly with autumnal surroundings, whilst the elasticated waistband offers a comfortable fit ideal for walking. Our Everly top is also a great option, to add an extra layer of warmth.. The soft velvet material also adds to that cosy autumnal feeling.

Home Decoration

Seasonal decoration can be a fun way to revitalise your surroundings. This doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas trees and lights. In the autumn, you can try making a wreath to hang on your door or add some tonal colours such as brown, red, and orange to your home. Try changing up your pillowcases and table decorations to create some striking centre pieces and focal points with minimal effort involved.

If you need a look that’s suited to the colder months, at Lily Ella, we would recommend investing in high-quality women’s knitwear. A cable knitted cardigan such as the Adrian Cardigan or the beautiful Aran Oversized Sweater is a great option to keep you warm and comfortable.

Tai Chi

A form of martial arts, Tai Chi is a fantastic way to incorporate some exercise into your daily life. Tai Chi at beginner level is ideal for older ladies, as the movements are not as demanding. Tai Chi is best done outside, so that you can breathe in the fresh air while you practise and enjoy the surrounding scenery. 

Since Tai Chi focuses on simple and gentle movements, this is perfect for a more mature audience. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, and does not require any special equipment or clothing. Make sure to wear something that is comfortable and allows movement, such as the Angelica trousers & jacket combination mentioned above.


A trivia night can be a fun way to spend some quality time with family and friends through the Winter. Gather your loved ones for some seasonal themed questions, snacks and drinks. Or, if you’re tech-savvy, you can enter trivia games online to test your knowledge and keep your brain trained. Choose from a range of topics and create a general trivia theme, or stick with general knowledge - either is a great indoor activity for the colder days.

Be the host with the most when wearing our stunning Camellia dress. In a beautiful red colour, this dress is perfect to wear at any time of the day or night, winter or autumn - you can’t go wrong!


Because the soil is the most moist and warm in autumn, this makes it a fantastic time to do some planting and ensure your garden is ready for the year ahead. Of course, we can’t tell you which plants to add to your garden as this depends on your preference, but fountain grass, anemone, crocus, and aster are all excellent planting options for this time of year. 

Planting can be a rewarding activity for adults as the end result is a beautiful garden! Some may find the work calming and relaxing, whereas others find it challenging - but either way the result of growing your own plants is definitely worth the effort. 

We don’t recommend wearing your favourite Lily Ella clothes for this one! Planting is messy work, and best done in some old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Find the perfect outfit for any activity

With Lily Ella, you can find a huge variety of clothes so that you can be ready for any seasonal activity. Whether it’s a more formal occasion or a laid-back event, find something that suits your style and needs with our full collection of ladies fashionable clothing and elegant women’s accessories.



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