The Royal Wedding Has Arrived!

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We’re sure all eyes will be glued to the TV on Saturday 19th May when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get married at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Here at Lily Ella, we are just as excited as you to watch them tie the knot! Although, we will still be here if you need to get in touch, even if it is just to tell us how amazing they look, as I am sure we will agree too!

With wedding fever in the air, we have lots of friends’ wedding coming up this summer. So, we have been indulging ourselves by taking a look at some lovely wedding blog posts and catching up with their wedding plans.  If you want to spend some time getting lost in the romantic headiness of contemporary weddings then look no further than  - you could be gone for some time!  

These days weddings are such an event compared to ‘back in the day’, but one of the pleasures is the more relaxed styling and individual approach that the married couple can take, and the amount of personal input that goes into making every wedding a quite individual experience.  The signs are that Harry and Meghan’s wedding will be no exception and that their wedding will be full of personal touches that will put their unique stamp on their day.

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We particularly love the amazing variety and splendour of contemporary wedding flowers.  They can be used with all kind of stylised holders (from humble jam jars to spectacular over the top containers) to create the perfect mood, whatever the setting. The trend for using only native seasonal flowers is a wonderful, if obvious innovation too. 

We love how ideas like tying flowers onto the back of the bride and groom’s chairs add a note of relaxed style and general joyousness to the ambience:

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The current fashion for bridal bouquets is for pops of colour, loosely arranged bunches with a nod to the wild side.  We can’t wait to see what Meghan’s choice will be….

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Claire Ptak of the modest but divine Violet Bakery in East London is the lucky woman tasked with making Meghan and Harry’s wedding cake.   We don’t think she’ll have been taking many orders in this last week or so as she must have been giving the royal cake her absolute utter, undivided attention!  Lemon and elderflower are the key ingredients and the expectation seems to be that it will be covered in fresh flowers.  We just love the trend for fresh flower stewn wedding cakes. We love this one but of course are expecting Meghan’s cake to be particularly special!

Photo Credit: Greens of Devon


Claire Ptak.

Photo Credit: Andy Ford

Here’s Claire enjoying some down time (picking cakes?!)  before the royal wedding cake frenzy set in…

Rumours are rife that australian designers Ralph and Russo are designing Meghan’s dress.  Like everyone else we just can’t wait for the big reveal.   Will be it reminiscent of this stunning wedding dress from their 2018 bridal collection?  Somehow, we think that for  Meghan’s dress the designers will have come up with something completely new, original and breath-taking.

Photo Credit: Ralph and Russo 2018

On thing’s for sure, Meghan’s dress will serve as inspiration for the next generation of brides, in the same way that Kate Middleton’s lace dress by Alexander McQueen has set the tone for bridal styling in the seven years since she got married to Prince William in 2011.

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Here are Lily Ella we wish Harry and Meghan the happiest of days and a very long and happy married life together. 




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