There’s no age-old secret that holds the answers to ageing with confidence, but there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to dressing ourselves that can perform small miracles. Whilst it may seem that there are stacks of articles in glossy magazines steering older women away from bold, brighter colours, here at Lily Ella - we say the colours of this season are… the colours you choose for yourself! 

Learn how to invest in your favourite colours, inject life back into your wardrobe and let colour speak for your confidence in a way that still flatters and allows you to look and feel fabulous with our latest post.


What colours should I wear?

By the time we hit our fifties and sixties, we have a rooted idea of what we like and what we don’t like in almost every aspect of our lives. This definitely rings true when it comes to our favourite colours and what we naturally lean towards when we’re shopping for new clothes. 

In a recent poll by the Express, almost 91% of women favoured statement colours, but 73% of them admitted to only owning three or less brightly coloured fashion items. If you’re reading this article because you want to discover ways to bring pops of colour back into your wardrobe, our best piece of advice is to stop worrying - because here at Lily Ella, we’re on a mission to help revitalise your wardrobe with clothes, and colours you DO want to wear. 

Start small

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a wardrobe rut and want your go-to outfits to reflect more of who you really are and what you love - the first step is to change your assumptions! Try visiting your favourite shops, or browsing online and see the clothing collections on offer with brand new eyes and a fresh, fabulous perspective. Look for the colours and garment styles that you typically pick out in new, brighter shades to start switching things up - or, if you’re feeling confident, take a chance with a completely different colour in several different hues. The trick is to start breaking out of your comfort zone to get the confidence cogs turning.

If you’re reading this with apprehension, start small before you commit. Work a few new coloured accessories, bags, or scarves into your favourite outfits before you begin dressing in colour, like our bold Lady in Red necklace, that would breathe a burst of life into a simple monochrome outfit. Or, go a step further and add our beautiful Rosalyn Red Scarf to the fold and see how you feel when you pair the accessories with one of your favourite outfits. Our cleverly curated accessories collection at Lily Ella includes exclusive vibrant jewellery, sumptuous scarves, hats and more in a whole assortment of seasonal shades, so you can be sure to find a colour that brings you a new sense of style. When you fall in love with several standout shades, go a step further and buy a new blouse in that colour and take note of how it makes you feel. When you think you’ve found the perfect colour that holds the key to your confidence, the pairing possibilities are endless!  

Lily Ella Rosalyn Scarf

Rosalyn Red Scarf £49.95

Take a look at Lily Ella’s stunning colourful collection as a way to help you get started. Amongst our sleek flattering silhouettes, chic straight dresses and brilliantly coloured coats - we’re sure you’ll find some stunning sources of inspiration. A particularly vibrant personal favourite of ours is the eye-catching Dorothea Dress. This dress features an assortment of vibrant teal, indigo and purple shades, combined in a cleverly shaped dress that is designed to make you feel both graceful and elegant. 

Dorothea Dress

Dorothea Dress £84.95

Break the Rules

Break the rules! Don’t be afraid to try out something new, whilst the media is keen to tell us that there are certain colour rules to abide by as we age, the truth is, every woman looks good in every colour of the rainbow - it’s just a matter of finding which shade of colour compliments you the most. The more shades you try, the more colours you’ll find that will make you feel a million dollars. 

The best piece of advice to give when you’re trying on outfits is to remind yourself to look at how these shades pair with your complexion. It’s no secret that when we age, our skin and hair tones change subtly and whilst we still remain as lovely as ever - contrasting colours can clash with your complexion. But, if you’re still in love with the colour in question, even if they don’t compliment your natural tones - consider wearing them as bottoms instead! Injecting colour into your wardrobe through a vibrant pair of tailored trousers, or through a draping long-length skirt is an excellent way to tone down the extravagance of a full-colour outfit.

At Lily Ella, we have an assortment of trousers and skirts designed perfectly with flattering cuts, without compromising on comfort. Some of our personal favourites are our beautiful plum Cord Trousers, that are a rich hue of purple that feature a flattering straight-cut design, finished with belt loops and an elasticated waist. Or, if you favour a skirt as a style preference, our stunning Leora skirt is the perfect choice for a lady looking to switch up her style, as this reversible skirt features two on-trend patterns. Choose from our delicate floral mid-length skirt in a vivid shade of blue, or opt for a more subtle, navy skirt with a timeless polka dot pattern. 

Lily Ella Leora Reversible Skirt

Leora Reversible Skirt £59.95


However you choose to try something new, feel inspired with Lily Ella. We work hard to bring our customers new shapes, fabrics and colours all year round - alongside the longstanding Lily Ella staples that our customers know and love, brought back in standout shades and prints. As a team, we’re inspired by what we love; beautiful colour palettes, natural fibres, and beautiful prints, so you can be sure to find colourful styles that are not only easy to wear - but you won’t find anywhere else.

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