Our Family Business

Here at Lily Ella, we’re a passionate, family-run business made up of a strong community of dedicated, hard-working people. We care about one another and that level of care extends to our lovely customers, which is why every beautiful garment we design is crafted with the utmost level of care and attention to detail.

Our brand vision is to create lasting relationships with our customers, as your feedback and loyalty is what allows our community to thrive, which is why we’re more than happy to answer your calls and have a real natter with you whenever you need it.

Whether you’re calling about a garment query, or you’re letting us know how much you love your recent Lily Ella purchase, giving our customers elegant, high-quality clothing that fits perfectly and looks beautiful is what drives us every day and we love to hear your thoughts.

And whilst we continue to supply our loyal Lily Ella customers with an array of timeless womenswear designs, we’re always looking for new ways to give back to our community, by getting behind the causes our customers truly care about.

Smart Works is an empowering UK charity that provides high-quality interview clothes to unemployed women. Harnessing the power of clothes and confidence to allow women to feel their very best at a crucial moment in their lives, we’re proud that Lily Ella is actively involved in making a difference. Supplying our old-season stock, we’re able to help Smart Works give women the self-belief and confidence required to succeed at interviews to really transform their lives.We believe all women deserve to feel beautiful and confident, which is why we’re sharing our beautiful womenswear designs with the women who need it most.

Smart Works work with women who are referred by job centres, work programmes and homeless shelters to name just a few, and almost a third of them have been turned away from over 50 jobs. By supplying our clothes and supporting Smart Works, we’re helping older women break this stigma as they refuse to be invisible. As we grow older, we have the wisdom to share as experienced mothers and grandmothers and we all harness the ability to become successful career women, and our potential contributions as older women are endless. And whilst these women are suffering from a lack of confidence, Smart Works are making an incredible difference to these women's lives, with almost 65% of client referrals going on to successfully get the job.

Get involved!

We wholeheartedly encourage anybody reading this blog to get involved with this wonderful charity, as Smart Works really does go the distance to get local women back into work. Take a look at the Smart Works website, to find your local charity branch to discover ways you can help dress and coach vulnerable women to success today. 



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