It’s that time of the year again! Time to take long strolls, enjoy picnics out in the sunshine and create a stunning spring wardrobe to enjoy it all in. Fortunately, here at Lily Ella, our talented team of designers, led by our founder Zoe, have been crafting countless stunning prints for the brand new Lily Ella spring 2021 collection.

In this post, we’re going to be shining a spotlight on some of our favourite prints this season, taking you through some of the inspirations behind the beautiful colour schemes, patterns and fits. We’ll even be throwing in a little styling advice so you can wear your new prints with confidence this spring.

The Darlene Print

We’re starting big and bold this spring with the striking Darlene print. Featuring a gorgeous natural print that’s inspired by the stretching leaves of a fern, the Darlene print is made particularly striking by the bold colour scheme. With a French navy blue base, the sharp white contrast provided by the fern pattern brings an almost monotone style to the print. Softened out slightly by the flecks of pale gold, the colour scheme of the Darlene print is truly something to behold and, with the darker base, it remains stylish throughout the seasons, giving you even more wear!

If you’re loving the brand new Darlene print, take a look at how we’ve styled it. Available as a classic ladies navy blue blouse with matching navy blue trousers, the Darlene print clothing can be worn together or as separate pieces. Style the leaf print blouse loosely with a plain white vest underneath for a relaxed holiday style or wear buttoned up for a more elegant, flattering shape.

The Capri Print

The Lily Ella team are absolutely enamoured with blue tones this season. Whether it be the rich navy of the Darlene print, or the fresh, sea coloured tones of the Capri print, blue is the colour to dress in this spring. For the Capri print, we’ve selected beautifully complimentary blue, teal and turquoise tones which conjure images of relaxing on a beautiful beach by the sea. Created to mimic the stunning ikat print dye style, the Capri print features a joyful diamond pattern that really captures the feeling of being out in the sunshine.

Available as a stunning women’s blue print dress and blouse, the Capri print is incredibly easy to style. We recommend wearing the ikat dress with a simple pair of summer-ready sandals and minimal or dainty jewellery so the dress can take centre stage. For the ikat print top, the beautiful turquoise colour is perfectly complemented by our Janet trousers so styling is effortless! Simply pair our ladies turquoise trousers with the relaxed ikat print top for a bold summery look that is perfect for sunny days at home or abroad.

The Beatrix Print

A showstopper of a print, the Lily Ella team are absolutely in love with the Beatrix print. Full of zingy, tropical motifs that immediately draw the eye, the Beatrix print is designed to make women feel confident and bold in their own skin. With a tropical colour scheme of bold blues, reds, greens and everything in between, you’ll be a walking tropical holiday in this stunning print.

The Beatrix print is available as a light, colourful scarf or as tropical women’s trousers, both of which are easier to style than you might think. Simply pair these summer print trousers with a simple ladies white blouse or pick out one of the colours in the scheme and match it for the top. Need a little styling inspiration? Our Maryport Blouse comes in five stunning colourways, all of which complement the Beatrix print perfectly. Opt for the simple white, or dare to be bold in our shining emerald ladies blouse - the choice is up to you!

The Ronnie Print

It wouldn't be spring without a classic floral print and, since our team of designers are not ones to disappoint, they created the beautiful Ronnie print to see us through the warmer months ahead. More than delivering on the promise of a classic floral print, the Ronnie print is understated yet timelessly stylish. Featuring an elegant black base with stunning brushes of white and green, the minimalist colour scheme of the Ronnie print is perfect for springtime.

Available as a floral print top or as a black floral midi skirt, both of which are perfect for styling together. Of course, the floral print top and skirt can be worn apart by simply pairing with complementary colours but these pieces are simply made for one another. Style with a pair of fashionable black sandals and you’re ready for spring!

The Courtney Print

Sometimes, an occasion will call for simplicity - but simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring, as you will recognise with the beautiful Courtney print. Showcasing a thin stripe print for a subtle edge of texture, the Courtney print features a soft and muted color scheme of cream and olive that is perfect for springtime.

As promised, the Courtney print is anything but boring and, even with its softer colour palette, it manages to achieve an interesting and dramatic look due to the fit of the clothing. The Courtney olive green midi dress in particular, with its short shawl collar and pleated front has dramatic shape. Not just available as an olive green dress, the Courtney print can be found on our ladies striped shirt and trousers. For styling these striped wonders, we’d recommend keeping things muted with brown sandals or, if you’re feeling adventurous, add a pop of colour elsewhere with a bold flattering blouse.

Find ladies spring fashion at Lily Ella

This springtime, treat yourself to a makeover by introducing some of our stunning Lily Ella spring 2021 prints to your wardrobe. Pair with our tried and tested recommendations or experiment for yourself and make colour and print combinations even we haven't imagined!

Whatever you’re wearing this spring, make sure you feel confident and comfortable all season long with the beautiful designs from Lily Ella. Designed to give mature ladies the flattering fits and fun designs they deserve, shop the full Lily Ella Spring 2021 collection by flicking through our thoughtfully styled lookbook online, or request to have it delivered to your home for free by following the link here.



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