Whilst 2020 has been a particularly difficult time, here at Lily Ella, we want to let you know that we’re here to help offer our guidance to customers and share some of our own advice on how we’re finding comfort in small pick-me-ups.

If you’ve found yourself looking for simple ways to lift your spirits, then we have recently written a complete guide to staying positive, mindful and happy. This includes our top tips on looking after your physical wellbeing, staying connected with loved ones, keeping your mind occupied and more. But if you’re looking to treat yourself for a small mood boost, then did you know updating your summer wardrobe could be an excellent place to start? 

Some of those garments sitting idle in your wardrobe have the unique ability to allow you to radiate on the outside, all whilst working to help you feel better on the inside. Studies have shown, that wearing beautiful, bold colours can make a real difference to how you’re feeling and I’m sure like us, you all have a favourite blouse or timeless dress that instantly makes you feel great. 

We wholeheartedly encourage you to experiment with a little colour to see what makes you feel happy and comfortable this summer. Keep reading as we walk you through some of our favourite uplifting colours, so you too can shape your summer wardrobe around radiant, mood-boosting hues designed to help you feel confident and look amazing.

Cheerful colours

The concept of choosing colours to influence the way your feeling isn’t a new thought, it’s simply one that often goes overlooked. The ideas of colour therapy concepts aren’t limited to your wardrobe either, you can use these new ideas around your home, interiors, or even in the shades of flowers you opt for to create a positive, uplifting space. 



The vibrancy of orange draws attention and energy in a soothing, calming manner. Whether you opt for a beautiful orange dress or choose to simply implement a few orange accessories in your outfit, this bold colour helps to put you in a positive, energetic mood. 



Sunny shades of beautiful yellow are the perfect way to cheer you up on a difficult day. So if you’re feeling down - simply throwing on a yellow blouse or pairing up an outfit with a luxurious yellow scarf could perk you back up and have you feeling like yourself again in no time. 



When we think of the colour green, we’re instantly drawn to nature and the outdoors. Soothing, subtle shades of green help to bring the feel of the outdoors inside, which is why it’s such a popular shade for this time of year. Not only does it work to create a calming environment, but this harmonious shade is also recognised to alleviate stress and bouts of worry. 



Pink is a rosy hue that represents love, attentiveness and affection, and whilst this colour inspires warm feelings and thoughts, it can also help calm a restful mind. So if a happier mood is the goal you’re looking to achieve with your wardrobe, opt for a selection of garments in subtle shades of pink to create an ‘everything’s rosy’ environment. 



Rich purple is a very stimulating colour to the eye and is recognised as holding the ability to boost your energy levels when you see it. This beautiful purple colour is also often associated with intuition. Simply style up an opulent purple dress, or make a statement purple jacket to help clarify your thoughts and stimulate your decision making if you’re feeling indecisive.  



Feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Wear white. This beautiful light-reflecting colour helps to remind us of the positives in life. Associated with peace and simplicity, white has a number of positive meanings that can convey into your lifestyle. Including cleanliness, freshness and simplicity, particularly useful for easing up our cluttered minds.

Incorporating a blend of both warm and cool-toned colours into your daily wardrobe at a time like this, where we could all use a pick-me-up, is a small and simple change. Keep reading as we walk you through some of our favourite Lily Ella pieces we like to wear to help us stay joyful. 

Gosforth Dress

Our beautiful
Gosforth dress is a playful variation of all our favourite uplifting colours. Featuring a mosaic-tiled motif of green, fuschia and pink tones with a contrasting navy collar, this eye-catching dress is built with shape and design in mind, ensuring you stay comfortable and smiling through summer and beyond. Lovingly made to flatter in all the right areas, look effortlessly chic with the Gosforth dress without having to compromise on comfort.

Charlton Dress

Floral print and fit and flare - what more could we possibly ask for? The Charlton dress has us here at Lily Ella reminiscing of crystal clear oceans on a sky-blue holiday. Featuring a crisp white floral motif across a stunning turquoise viscose fabric, this flattering colourful dress draws upon a blend of blue and green colours to help you feel calm and relaxed. Softly style up the Charlton dress with a pair of comfortable white sandals and the coordinating Ophelia Straw bag for the ultimate serene, summer outfit.

Mitford Blouse

The crisp white Mitford blouse is perfect for those young at heart. 

The minimal, light-reflecting white cotton of this kaftan-style blouse allows you to feel radiant, all whilst working to keep you relaxed and at ease. We simply adore the added floral embroidery placed across the Mitford neckline as it’s a simple, yet sophisticated way of adding a pop of colour to your curated wardrobe. Lovingly made from 100% cotton for added breathability, this summer-ready blouse works to keep you feeling comfortable on the outside, whilst feeling positive on the inside.

Horton Top & Skirt

The rich shades of purple, green and pink in the Horton flattering coordinating set instantly makes us smile! These stimulating colours work harmoniously together to create a stunning wardrobe set perfect for summer. With a touch of tropicana, the Horton set is a flowy, flattering and feminine printed top and skirt combination handmade in an exclusive Lily Ella print. With a touch of stretch for ease of comfort and a flattering mid-length skirt, this vivacious two-piece is the perfect pick-me-up summer outfit with minimal styling effort required. Let the Horton set do the talking and keep styling simple by pairing this flattering fit with the Hazelrigg Necklace.

Mood-boosting Brights from Lily Ella

Looking for more summer wardrobe inspiration? Our Lily Ella customers have the unique ability to view our full summer catalogue online. Or if you prefer to have a physical copy of our summer catalogue in front of you, simply request a copy with our online catalogue request form and we’ll be happy to send one your way, so that you can look through our latest designs in the comfort of your own home. Spotted something you like? You can shop our full Lily Ella womenswear collection online.



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