Mulled wine recipe

Mmm, we love the lead up to Christmas and what better way to introduce the festive spirit when socialising with friends or family, than with a glass of warm mulled wine?  That little touch of exotic spice really adds a heady, Christmassy flavour.  Of course everyone has their own favourite, secret recipe, but at the moment we have a little bit of a girl crush on Hemsley and Hemsley and we really like the look of their mulled wine, so this is what we’re going to be trying this season…..  And of course here at Lily Ella we have a great range of  sparkly tops and outfits to enable you to relax and enjoy the party season in style.

Tasty pre Christmas nibbles to complement the mulled wine…

Baked dipping cheese recipe

A really easy, yet oh so tasty starter at this time of year is molten cheese in a box with lots of delicious bits to dip into it!  We normally make it with Camembert but this recipe comes from our favourite cook in Northumberland - Jane Lovett - and she uses baked Vacherin.  We’ll be telling you more about Jane in the New Year, but for now we’re sharing this delicious recipe… enjoy!



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