Welcome to Lily Ella’s first blog post!

We‘ve recently been incredibly busy perfecting our new website.  Digital nuts and bolts have been, how do we put this, nutted and bolted, and all kinds of high tech wizardry has been performed to bring our collection alive online.  We genuinely want to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for all our customers, many of whom we know are new to online shopping.

Flora and Fauna Collection

We have changed our minds many times on all elements of the design and the aesthetics!

This is also the place where we will be sharing style tips, as well as giving you the inside track on what inspires our collections and how we then go about producing them.  Most of all though, we hope our blog will give you a little bit of insight into the world of Lily Ella, what we're getting up to and what makes us tick.  We're a small company, with a lovely team of people who take each purchase personally from order to dispatch while developing clothes for YOU!

...How the collections are developed, style tips and the prints and fabrics we use

So do get in touch and tell us how we’re doing!  We’re happy to get the digital spanner out and do some tweaking if it helps…



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