This summer season, it’s all about prints and getting as many different ones into our wardrobes as we can to create countless bold, beautiful looks that are synonymous with the nature outside at this time of year. 

Incorporating prints into your everyday wear can often be quite daunting at first, particularly when it comes to pairing them up with different garments and crafting outfits that work well together. Don’t fear however, that’s why we’re here to advise you on how to style prints so that you can get the trend of the moment completely right. 

In this post, discover some of our favourite statement-making prints at Lily Ella that have been designed specifically with you in mind to fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous too.

Floral Prints

Flower power never goes out of fashion, and this is because there is so much variation to play with when it comes to design. From a myriad of different flowers, to leafy effects and all of the different colour combinations, you’re sure to stumble across a floral print that is suited to your tastes. 

At Lily Ella, we love the Whitburn collection at the moment. This classy style features a navy foundation, covered with gorgeous, soft red roses and decadent green leaves to create a style that is truly befitting of summer. You can find this show-stopping print on the Whitburn Dress, the Whitburn Jacket and the Whitburn blouse. Mix and match this print and the various garments with block colours to create several stand-out outfits. 

Whitburn Dress - £74.95

Whitburn Jacket - £110

Whitburn Blouse - £59.95

Paisley Prints

Paisley is a print that we just adore here at Lily Ella. It can take on so many different variations, delicately weaving various patterns that are each unique and yet similar in their flowing pace. They work well with various tones of a similar colour, or by mixing together bold, contrasting colours, meaning there is something for everyone with this particular style. 

At Lily Ella, we’ve got many fresh and fabulous paisley designs for you to make your own, but we’re particularly fond of the Langley collection as our favourite for this season. Featuring a bold, deep-sea green background and swirling with pink and cream hues throughout, this exuberant pattern can be worn to tea with friends, to a party, casually while strolling and more! This beautiful print can be found on the Langley Blouse and the Langley Dress.

Langley Blouse - £69.95

Langley Dress - £94.95


Stripes are a print that you can really have fun with. Often our minds go to straight vertical or horizontal lines, but stripes can be manipulated to form fun and quirky looks. Take the Acton Dress for example, a unique twist on the classic pinstripe that works for both daytime and night time affairs. The simple navy and white colourway also adds a nautical feel that is so popular during the summertime, and this is a trend that is set to stay year after year. 

The Gosforth dress is another alternative take on a stripe print, combining stripes, block colours and a bold pattern that creates an eye-catching look suitable for garden parties, BBQs and various daytime occasions during the summertime. 

The stripe print is one of the easiest ones to bring into your wardrobe, and don’t believe the rumours that stripes can make you appear fuller. A well-designed and well worn stripe can actually accentuate and flatter your figure, and prints are all about having fun, not worrying about how you may look!


Acton Dress - £74.95

Gosforth Dress - £79.95


Checks are one of the most versatile styles of print and can work perfectly all year-round, simply by changing the size of the check and the colourway. This season, Lily Ella has taken this traditional style and added some unique, summery tropes to fit perfectly with the sunshine and warming weather. 

Our favourite is the Prudhoe skirt, a light and airy calf-length skater skirt that floats delicately as you move. It features a fully-elasticated waist for the most comfortable fit, a crinkle-effect texture and its soft coral colour makes it easy to style with almost anything, from a denim jacket to a nice top, taking you from day to evening.

Prudhoe Skirt - £64.95

Tie Dye

It’s a common misconception that this style of print is one for the youngsters only, as tie dye can actually be more subtle than you may think. This can be done by choosing slightly more muted colours, however we often think the bolder the better no matter your age, we should all embrace the eye-catching styles that we love. 

We’ve created a stunning take on tie dye with the Cheswick Dress, which features flowing gorgeous sea-like colours shaped into a stunning silhouette to create a dress that flatters the body, with the print drawing the eye to all the right places. Complete with a soft fabric belt to cinch in the waist and accentuate your figure, the Cheswick Dress is ideal for any occasion from brunch to evening banquet. 

Cheswick Dress - £94.95

Ready to delve into the world of prints to liven up your summer wardrobe? Take a look at the ‘Prints Charming’ edit at Lily Ella where you can find all of our new-in styles featuring elegant, fun and vibrant prints.



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