Terriers in Tartan! 

Karen, who organises our photo shoots, is a little bit obsessed with her rare breed dogs and she thought you’d like to hear about an unusual fashion event she went to earlier this year.

Karen and her Terriers below:

Despite being the oldest terrier breed, there are only about 3,500 Dandie Dinmont terriers left worldwide and they are on the UK Kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breeds list.  The breed originates from the Scottish Borders. 

To raise the profile of the breed, enthusiastic owners recently raised over £20,000 to commission a statue of the breed’s  ‘founding father’- Old Ginger.  The sculpture (by Alexander Stoddart, the Queen’s Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland) was unveiled on Old Ginger’s 175th birthday during a 3 day Dandie event in June 2017 at The Haining in Selkirk in the Borders.  250 owners from 14 countries and 150 Dandie Dinmonts gathered for an unprecedented 3 day celebration of all things Dandie…. phew! 

The Duke of Buccleuch, whose ancestors owned Dandies, had previously granted the dogs the right to wear the Scott tartan – thereby making them the only breed to have their own tartan. 

Consequently, Old Ginger’s June celebrations included a tour of the Locharron tartan factory in Selkirk to see how and where the tartan is woven and a Dandie Dinmont Fashion show at the (dog friendly) Dryburgh Abbey Hotel which featured fashion picks for owners and dogs alike!  The fashion show was organised by Scotch Tweed in Selkirk who designed and manufactured all the items. 

Here are the terriers in tartan, and a pic of Karen being interviewed about the dogs by ITV Border..

Tartan dandies photo courtesy of Paulina and Artur Kolos from Arkoldor kennel in Poland. 

It’s fashion, but not as we know it and it’s all a bit barking if you ask us! 



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