WHAT TO WEAR TO WIMBLEDON…. The style guide to make you look and feel fabulous!

Tennis whites at the ready!  We love this photo of our friend’s daughter Becca (left) with a girlfriend at the Pimms wall on Henman Hill last weekend! No prizes for guessing they had a an ‘ace’ time! 


With the Wimbledon finals due this weekend, maybe you are one of the lucky ones heading off to Centre Court?  

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the thrill of Centre Court when there’s everything to play for.  The first time we went to Wimbledon we were wowed by everything from the immaculate floral decorations to the surprisingly intimate setting – everything is so close together and even Henham Hill seems a small and compact area, compared to the rolling acres we’d imagined!

The main thing of note though, is the exceptionally friendly and very ‘english’ atmosphere –there’s an air of happiness and expectation and the crowds are all set for a day of sheer entertainment. 

Who wouldn’t be happy with the prospect of the legendary strawberries and cream, a glass of fizz and the prospect of a world beating match to look forward to?

Of course, fabulous weather can’t always be guaranteed but there is always a good chance of sunshine and this year looks like it’s going to be a scorcher.  The two things to remember are your sunhat and your brolly!

What is the dress code for Wimbledon though, and what will you wear?  It’s safe to say that for the older man all that is required is chinos and a summer shirt (younger men can get away with a T shirt) and of course, a panama hat is the key accessory!

For women, lightness and comfort are the top priorities. Anything comfortable goes, but on Finals day it’s fun to dress up a tiny bit for Centre Court. May we suggest that our super cool Agnes Dress or our inimitably chic but casual Filey dress will definitely give you the ‘advantage’!

For a more casual but still upscale look you can’t beat our perfect Rennes Blouse, it’s brilliant paired with our white linen mix trousers. You’ll be comfortable and stylish in our Rochelle Trousers, which is perfect paired with our Natalia Blouse.

When you’re dressed by Lily Ella you know you can just relax and enjoy the day…. As we said, Game, Set and Match!



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