A guide to ladies shawls and wraps at Lily Ella

A season of change, in more ways than one, autumn sees the world completely reimagined in a sea of rich reds, earthy browns and warm oranges. At the same time, we feel the weather begin to turn, moving from soft summer breezes to brisk autumn winds.

If you’re looking for beautiful autumnal layering pieces to see you through the season, and to keep those brisk winds at bay, then look no further than our stunning shawls, wraps and ponchos at Lily Ella. Offering a stylish look that further enhances an outfit, these pieces strike a comfortable balance between jackets and jumpers.

In this blog, we’ll be offering our own advice on how to style ladies shawls, wraps and ponchos. So, if you’re hoping to add something new to your wardrobe this autumn, allow us to spark a little style inspiration to get you started.

What is the difference between a shawl and a wrap?

Shawls and wraps share many similarities and it can be difficult to tell them apart. The biggest distinction between the two layering wardrobe staples is not what but when the item is worn.

Typically called upon to lend a little elegant flair to an evening outfit, women’s shawls are identified as being part of a formal attire. In contrast, ladies wraps are more commonly used as a simple and cosy addition to a casual, everyday outfit. Of course, at Lily Ella we have made every effort to ensure that all of our autumn layering pieces, both formal and casual, lend their wearers a feeling of luxury and style - no matter the occasion.

How do you wear an evening shawl?

Designed to function as a dramatic statement piece, evening shawls don’t just keep you cosy while you make your way to and from your evening out, they are a key piece of the overall look. When you’re choosing an evening shawl to add a touch of class to your outfit, select one that complements the rest of your ensemble. Whether it’s adding a pop of colour to a monochrome dress, or bringing more dimension to a slim-fitting jumper, women’s shawls can transform an outfit when chosen right.

Brand new for autumn, our stunning Cresswell Kimono is the perfect evening shawl, especially when paired with our new staple black dress, the Luxe Wool Blend Dress. Individually, both pieces are effortlessly elegant, the beautiful drape of the black ladies evening dress creating a smart yet flattering shape, while the luxurious 70% cashmere fabric of the shawl creates an instant feeling of sophistication. Styled together, the rich pink, purple and plum colour palette of the Creswell shawl highlights the sleek simplicity of the black dress, adding drama to any evening outfit.

How to style a ladies wrap

The more casual cousin of the evening shawl, ladies wraps offer easy, everyday elegance to women who favour any style. This layering piece, similar to everyday coats, jackets and jumpers, come in a vast array of feminine colours and cuts, giving you complete freedom when selecting a wrap to suit your style - there really is a style to suit every autumnal outfit.

At Lily Ella, we’ve created a beautiful new ladies wrap to add to your wardrobe this autumn. A great statement piece that brings a little cosy elegance to everyday looks, our new Blackberry Wrap can be worn with almost anything. Offering a soft colour palette made up of muted creams, pinks and greens, this ladies wrap falls to just past the knee and is edged with some stylish fringe for a little added flair. Endlessly luxurious, our ladies wrap is also made of 100% merino lambswool, making it the perfect cosy layering piece for this season and beyond.

When it comes to styling the Blackberry Ladies Wrap, we recommend leaning into the homely, cosy feel with a comfortable pair of our Luxury Woolmix Jersey Trousers in any of the seven beautiful colourways and our stunning Wimpole Sweater in soft pink. Both offering simple luxury and beautifully luxurious fabrics, these pieces style perfectly with our ladies' wrap while also being great additions to your everyday wardrobe in their own right.

How to wear a poncho

Unlike shawls and wraps which are left open at the front, a poncho is stitched up and is worn more like an open, sleeveless jumper. Because of this, when you’re looking for a stylish ladies poncho to add to your wardrobe, treat it like a regular jumper rather than a layered style piece. All you need once you’ve found your new poncho is a complementary t-shirt to wear underneath and you have yourself a stylish, cosy outfit to wear all autumn long.

This year, we’ve hopped on board the knitted poncho trend with our stunning, and incredibly cosy, Cordelia Poncho. Striking an easy balance between dramatic, layered luxury and a homey, warm feel, our knitted poncho features a textured knit, polo neck, deep fringes and mock font wrap for added dimension. We recommend pairing our beautiful ladies poncho with a simple pair of our Essential Jeans and some coordinating cream or brown ankle boots to create a classic autumn look that is sure to turn heads.

Wrap up in a ladies wrap, shawl or poncho with Lily Ella

Whether you’re planning plenty of autumnal trips out and need an elegant evening shawl to stay warm or are looking for a casual ladies wrap to add to your everyday wardrobe, find all your autumn layering essentials in the complete autumn ladies collection at Lily Ella.