Questions about lily ella

The previous owners of the Lily Ella brand and website decided to put the old business into liquidation. Liquidation is a legal process that applies to companies or partnerships in which a liquidator is appointed to "wind up" the affairs of a company.

The Lily Ella brand and assets were sold to us as part of this liquidation.

The Lily Ella brand and business has been bought and is being run by an agency that had worked with the previous owners for many years. We built the old website, and managed a lot of marketing and creative activity for the old company for many years.

As such, we felt we were in a good position to do right by the Lily Ella brand and continue to serve customers who had been loyal to Lily Ella for many years.

Unfortunately, any orders you placed with the old company - prior to the 7th July 2023 - are now in the hands of the appointed liquidator who is dealing with the affairs of the old company.

We are not able to help you with these orders, or discuss what's happening with any outstanding issues or refunds, as we simply have no sight of them.

If you had an outstanding order or refund issue with the old company, you should have been contacted by them about this and you should direct any queries to them. If this is not the case, please email who will be able to advise.

We're a team of ecommerce retailers, retail experts and marketers from a company called Venture Stream. We've operated the Lily Ella online store for around 6 years now and have acquired the rights to operate it ourselves.

We're regular folk running a small business. You can find out more about us here.

Absolutely. We're experts in online shopping and safety, and we're confident you'll have a much better shopping experience on this new site than the old Lily Ella website.

Your payments and refunds are handled safely and securely, and the security of payments and information is guaranteed by Shopify's team.

Absolutely. We're not interested in selling, transferring or making money from your personal information. We'll only use and store your information as part of your journey with Lily Ella.

Catalogues & Mail Order

Not for now. Catalogues are extremely expensive to design, produce and mail out.

We've invested a lot of time and energy into creating a website that is extremely user friendly to browse and incredibly easy to use and check out.

We're extremely confident you'll not need a catalogue or to send in your order.

We think our website is incredibly easy to use now, so please try this first.

But, if you're struggling to place an order we can help you out. Call 03302294454 and our team can help.

We may be busy helping other customers, but please leave a message and we'll call you back as quickly as we can.