Fabulous Fashion for Women over 60

Here at Lily Ella, we’re on a mission to debunk the common misconception that, as we age - we no longer care about being fashionable and looking stylish. As we know first hand, that’s complete nonsense!

Today, women are redefining life in their 60’s and whilst we admit we were a lot more daring when we were younger and possessed the confidence to style outfits and wear whatever we felt - that passion for looking and feeling fabulous doesn’t just disappear, it simply needs a push in the right direction to bring that styling confidence back to life.

Your fabulous sixties are no time to turn into a wallflower, keep reading as we explore the wonderful world of fashion for women over 60 and divulge a styling secret or two to help you rediscover your love for looking and feeling fabulously fashionable at Lily Ella.

Stick with the classics

We think that one of the greatest things about being women in our sixties is that we’ve seen our fair share of trends and fashion fads come and go over the years, and by now - we have a pretty good idea of what style staples stick around and remain timeless year after year.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to the latest crazes in order to stay stylish, as most of the time, these trends crop up and are aimed at younger people who jump on fast-fashion season after season. It’s important to remember that style and fashion are two completely separate terms. Fashion, is an ever-changing, seasonal shift, whereas style is something that an older woman can embody and can be worked on without having to stick to needless fashion trends.

Remember when you’re deciding on an outfit, be sure to reflect those years of finding staples that are right for you and not be tempted to opt for the fast-fashion phases happening around you. Classic brands tailored to older women, like Lily Ella, help women stay stylish all year round without the need for high-street stylers. Instead, we focus on giving classic cuts and shapes a new, fashionable lease of life.

Here at Lily Ella, our mission is to supply the latest, fashionable looks for each season, crafted with designs our Lily Ella customers know and love but reinvented to bring something fresh to your wardrobe. Forget the idea that classic styles are dated, as Lily Ella offers the trick to mastering fashion for women over 60, by bringing a number of classic designs in various colours, prints and shapes season after season. So you can be sure to find your favourite, most fabulous fit that will keep you looking stylish all year round. Take our Dahlia and Gabriella dresses for example, each offering a scoop neck, mid-length fit, but both featuring an assortment of eye-catching prints and patterns for our customers to choose from.

Lily Ella Dahlia Dress

Dahlia Dress £110


Lily Ella Gabriella Dress

Gabriella Dress £89.95

Along with Lily Ella trademark shapes, our seasonal collections bring new, flattering fabrics and colours to the fold, created by our in-house designers with the intention of making you feel wonderful. Take a look at our inspiration page at Lily Ella to find our very latest collections to shop.


Wardrobe essentials in your 60s.

Bold Accessories

Channel your Ms Mirren, as key styling accessories such as scarves, bags and jewellery are your secret styling weapon in your 60s. Accessories give you the freedom to experiment with new colours and shades and can instantly breathe life into a classic outfit.

Dream-fitting Denim

When it comes to rocking denim in your sixties, it’s all about the fit and at Lily Ella - we’ve created the perfect pair. The Essential Jeans, are perfectly proportioned stretchy jeans, designed to fit and flatter a woman’s shape. This classic style of straight leg jean goes a long way in your wardrobe, as they can be easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Lily Ella Essential Jeans

Essential Jeans £79.95

Statement-Making Outerwear

Whether you’re heading out for a glamourous evening dinner, a night on the town, or simply planning a lovely autumnal walk - nothing says sophistication quite like a colourful, statement-making coat. Over the years, it’s likely you’ve purchased outerwear that does the job and keeps you warm - but where’s the fun in that? Indulge in our whole collection of beautifully tailored coats at Lily Ella, available in luxurious fabrics. If you’re looking for a true investment, step out of your outerwear shell with our popular Jayne Coat, made with Moon fabric in a wonderful turquoise hue, for a truly decadent feel.

Lily Ella Jayne Coat

Jayne Coat £245.00

Embrace your stylish sixties at Lily Ella

Our sixties are a wonderful time in our lives for fashion, as we have a lot of experience getting to know what we like, and how to dress to represent exactly who we are. The beauty of growing older, is the change we witness, both in ourselves and the world surrounding us. Embracing change, age, and being comfortable and self-confident, brings a fabulous final finish to any outfit.

More often than not, many women try to dress younger than they actually are - as an attempt to remain on-trend, stylish and youthful. It’s okay to not be comfortable taking inspiration from millennials wearing trend-led fashion, and by no means do you have to take inspiration from them. In fact, sometimes attempting to dress younger paradoxically makes us appear a lot older than we’re trying to perceive! Whereas, sticking to classic, fabulous designs from Lily Ella that are expertly designed to flatter and complement an older lady’s shape in all the right places, can actually make us appear more youthful - and give us the inner confidence to flaunt our fashion! Explore our whole range of exquisitely tailored styles designed specifically for women over 60 at Lily Ella.


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