How to style a Midi Skirt this Summer with Lily Ella

Midi skirts have been an on-trend item for many years now, constantly being reinvented and recycled with fun new colours and interesting designs for wear throughout almost all seasons. With casual styles to wear day-to-day, and more elegant looks for evening occasions, we see the midi skirt being styled again and again by women of all ages.

However, some women can feel that a midi skirt can be too ‘old fashioned’ and fear that this style may make them appear a little bit frumpish. We’re here to quash this myth and show you how to style a midi skirt in ways that will have you feeling fabulous, and definitely not frumpy at all.

The midi skirt is the perfect item to add a feminine touch to any ensemble, and to get it right requires simply a small bit of styling to create a flattering silhouette.

A-line midi skirt

Ingram Skirt, £69.95

If you opt for an a-line style midi skirt, then pair it with a loose blouse tucked in to create a flattering shape. The subtle flounce of the a-line will create the illusion of long legs with a cinched waist, which makes it the perfect silhouette to tuck in a casual blouse. Leave a few buttons undone towards the neck for a breezy summer look.

Floaty midi skirt

Prudhoe Skirt, £64.95

When wearing a floatier style, match your midi skirt with a fitted top. This helps to define your natural shape, creating curves in all the right places. Avoiding a baggy or loose fitting top when wearing a floaty skirt is essential in order to prevent that frumpy feeling, but if you prefer to feel a little more covered, then a slightly less-fitted plain t-shirt tucked in will also do the trick.

Straight midi skirt

Albany Skirt, £64.95

A straight midi skirt is one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe. It works for both daytime and evening occasions and both casual and formal events. It’s how you style it that matters! For a sophisticated daytime look, wear your straight-line midi skirt with a knitted cardigan or top, this can be loosely draped over the skirt, or tucked in depending on how much you wish to accentuate your waist. For the evening, a stylish, sleeveless top paired with a string of classic pearls will create an elegant look.

Bias midi skirt

Colwell Skirt, £59.95

The beauty of a skirt with bias is that it’s both practical and very elegant looking. The cut of the skirt increases the flexibility of the garment, meaning you have more room to move comfortably. It also creates a sophisticated draping look that swoops delicately as you walk. Pair a bias midi skirt with a plain t-shirt and a pair of sandals for gorgeous summer attire.

Accessorise your midi skirt

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To make more of your midi skirt outfit, you can add various accessories. We recommend a large belt fastened over the waistband to cinch in your waist, or a matching scarf to draw the eye and complete the outfit. Midi skirts work well with both flat and heeled shoes, so your footwear can be determined by the occasion and by practicality. Depending on the neckline your wearing, a statement necklace will work well too.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to have fun with the style and make it your own. We’ve simply provided some guidance to help boost your confidence and get you started, now it’s down to you to style the skirt in a way that makes you feel great.

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