The best Mother’s Day gift ideas for older mums

Each year the fourth Sunday of the Lent period marks a day of the year dedicated to our mums. A thoughtful gift can help to show your appreciation to any of the motherly figures in your life, whether that be your mum, a grandma, a carer, or a mother-in-law. If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to buying presents for mum, our guide has plenty of ideas to help you find something she’ll love. Read through our thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas below to get started.

What do mums want for Mother’s Day?

Whilst a thoughtful gift is always well appreciated, lots of mums will look to spend the day dedicated to them cherishing quality time with their family and making memories. Therefore, the best gifts are often paired with fun activity ideas that will help to show your mum your appreciation for her. Clothing is one of the most versatile gifts you can give, as you can tailor your gift by occasion and style. To assist you when making a decision, our clothing gift ideas below are paired with some family activities so that you can make the day feel extra special.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for mum

While the traditional bouquet and a handwritten card should never be missed, there are plenty of additional gifting options that can help you add a more personal touch to your Mother’s Day presents. Giving her clothes and accessories that reflect her personality and aesthetic is an excellent way to let her know that you care as it shows that you’ve put thought into your gifts beyond the usual wine and flowers combination. The options listed below highlight some of the best activities and accompanying gifts that any mum will adore.

Some stylish accessories for a cosy coffee catch-up

A warm cup of coffee and a slice of cake is one of life’s greatest simple pastimes. Taking your mum out for afternoon tea is a great way to make Mother’s Day more special, but why not pair this activity with the gift of some stylish accessories? A cosy scarf or shawl is the perfect Mother’s Day present as it can bring versatility to an outfit, and with lightweight options available in our collection, they can be used as a year-round accessory for any future afternoon tea celebration or occasion. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even embroider their initials into the corner of the scarf, or hide another present inside such as a coffee shop gift voucher.

An elegant dress for an evening meal

For something more upmarket, an evening meal with the family is an ideal Mother’s Day celebration. By choosing to eat at her favourite place, or trying somewhere new, you’ll be able to spend some quality time together whilst enjoying your meal. However, a special meal warrants an elegant outfit. The Lily Ella collection of dresses has a range of flattering styles and fits for all occasions, meaning that you can give your mum a colour and design that she’ll love. No matter if you’re taking her to a Michelin-star restaurant or her favourite local eatery, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress to give her to start Mother’s Day right and allow her to feel beautiful.

A warm coat for a Sunday stroll

For a simple outing such as a leisurely walk, a warm and fashionable coat is a must-have garment. Our coats are designed in a variety of fits to give a flattering silhouette even when used as a layering piece. Even better, with everything from bold prints to luxury neutral colourways, you’ll be able to find a coat that perfectly complements her existing wardrobe.

Mother’s Day gifts for grandma

If you’re looking for gifting inspiration for a grandma who may have more free time to spare or one who prefers a quieter lifestyle, there are plenty of alternative activity options that can involve the whole family from the great-grandkids to the matriarchs. If it seems like your grandma already has everything, there’s bound to be something in our collections that can brighten up their Mother’s Day, simply read through our gift ideas below.

Comfortable nightwear for a games & movie night

If you’re a close-knit family, organising a fun night indoors with snacks, board games, puzzles, and films can make for a memorable Mother’s Day that gets the whole family involved. A comfortable outfit can make it even better, but there’s no need to sacrifice style for cosiness with our collection of pyjamas and loungewear. Here you’ll be able to find an ideal Mother’s Day gift for nanas who indulge in 24/7 style, and those who love nothing more than a cosy night spent with family and friends.

A day trip worthy bag

No lady's wardrobe is complete without a trusted bag to carry all of her essentials, this could be anything from a signature handbag to a charming tote or contemporary backpack. Whichever style your grandma or mum prefers, take it a step further by taking her on a day trip to show off her new bag. Our collection offers an array of designs, so whether you’re headed out for a trip to the coast or a trip to the countryside, you’ll be able to find something that suits her preferences.

Style enhancing jewellery

Jewellery is a classic gifting option for Mother’s Day, one that rarely goes wrong. At Lily Ella, we stock some stunning handcrafted jewellery pieces that would make for a unique and thoughtful gift. Instantly bringing class and style, these accessories can easily transform any ensemble into something more extraordinary bringing the perfect finishing touch to both their outfit and to Mother’s Day.

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift with Lily Ella

Whatever your plans this Mother’s Day, our collections offer an array of gift ideas for mature ladies which will make their day. Our show-stopping garments can seamlessly integrate into their existing wardrobe and enhance their personal style, making for a wonderful present for Mother’s Day. Simply browse through our online pages to find that special something.