What to Wear on a Cruise

The most popular time of year for exotic, long-haul holidays, summer plans offer up the perfect excuse for bringing out those all-important holiday outfits. After years of packing for summer holidays that involve air travel, you’ll likely be accustomed to the specific packing requirements of these, and be aware of the temperature you’ll be dressing for, even more so when you’re heading to your favourite destination spot. However, deciding on what to wear when you’re heading on a cruise can be a different story completely, and the very nature of a cruise usually involves packing more items than just a few t-shirts, shorts and dresses.

When preparing for a cruise, you might find that your cruise provider has a number of different outfit requirements. For instance, they will likely have dress codes for a certain time of day, such as formal or smart casual evening wear, potential themed nights, as well as outfit guidelines for specific activities. You’ll also want to consider that if the ship is stopping at a number of destinations, it could mean that you’ll be experiencing a range of climates in just one holiday. And it might be particularly chilly when the ship is out in the open ocean or you’re looking to do some star-gazing from the deck at night. Therefore, you should check the specific requirements of the travel company and the locations you’re going to be travelling to beforehand, to help prepare you for all occasions, both on or off the ship. What you’re going to pack can also depend on the onboard facilities. For instance, if your cruise has a pool deck, you won’t want to forget your swimwear.

Although you might find yourself packing more outfits than you would for a standard holiday, our versatile ladies summer collection at Lily Ella features a variety of signature outfits designed to see you through your cruise in comfort and style, which means that you shouldn’t feel the need to overpack. Whether you’re preparing for a relaxing day on the pool deck or getting ready for a formal evening meal, our range features ladies outfits suited to every occasion. From elegant blouses to stylish accessories and more, keep reading as we showcase a selection of our favourite versatile cruise outfits available at Lily Ella.

What to wear on a cruise during the day

We can’t imagine a cruise complete without our Harriet Dress.

Featuring bright, summer-loving colours and a playful stripe design, this refreshing mid-length summer dress is perfect for a relaxing day on a sunny cruiseliner. While the short sleeves provide extra protection from the sun, the loose fit of the dress will keep you cool throughout the day and into the evening. Or if it’s chillier than expected, pair this fabulous dress with the Clara Scarf when sailing through colder climates. Whether you’re heading off to lunch or exploring what the cruise has to offer, the simple yet flattering design makes this outfit perfect for a casual day on board the ship.

The ideal minimalist piece, despite its casual nature, the Maddison Kaftan exudes elegance. Whether you’re sitting by the pool reading your favorite novel or admiring the open ocean on the top deck, the light material on this blue and white stripe ladies kaftan, which can be worn above our coordinating Lara Swimsuit, makes it the ideal piece for wearing on a relaxed, warm day on the ship. For added style, pair this flattering kaftan dress with your favourite contrasting Lily Ella jewellery.

A versatile piece, no matter what the temperature, our classic polka dot Batik Ladies Trousers can be worn in a number of different ways. For a co-ordinated look, pair with the Spot Batik Blouse, or wear the blouse over a white top and style with our classic treasure chest necklace. Alternatively, for cooler days, or if you would prefer to dress up our Batik Trousers as evening wear that will allow a simple and quick change before dinner, opt for the more formal, Dearham Blouse. However you decide to wear these eye-catching trousers, their pull-on style and comfortable, elasticated waist makes them incredibly flattering and easy to wear.

If you’re unexpectedly met with a colder day on the cruise, or you’re looking for ladies outfit options perfect for when you’re about to reach land, the Taylor Blouse is comfortable and easy to wear, providing the ideal solution if the temperature is slightly lower than usual. We would also recommend layering our ladies blouse over a white top beforehand, so if the temperature starts to rise again, you can remove the blouse and keep cool effortlessly. A stylish cruise staple that will see you through the day, this pure cotton blouse features a flattering floral print designed in a contrasting blue hue. Need further fashion advice? Our expert stylists recommend pairing the Taylor Blouse with our blue Petula Trousers.

What to wear on a cruise in the evening

A sophisticated and timelessly elegant piece, the stunning 70’s inspired Louise Dress is perfect for wearing to a formal evening on the cruise, and might even be suitable for wearing to a themed night depending on the occasion. From the stunning contrasting black and white design, to the figure flattering panels and V-neck that makes the dress ideal for wearing with a minimalist necklace, this show-stopping retro ladies frock contains eye-catching details that make for a fabulous high-end piece.

Another graceful evening number, our statement aqua Dionne Dress is a bright, upbeat ladies dress that can be styled with a number of flattering accessories to elevate the look, including the Lilia Scarf. Featuring a figure-flattering style and elegant flare, this updated take on the original smart-casual Dionne Dress now features a stunning V-neck, meaning there’s no excuse not to have this gorgeous piece on your cruise packing checklist. We’re delighted to have introduced this new take to our women’s summer collection, and we hope you love this piece just as much as our team of stylists do!

From casual to formal, our updated white vest blouse has been taken to the next level with a stunning embroidered floral strip. Featuring a lightweight feel, the blouse will help to keep you cool even on the warmest of evenings, and can be doubled as day wear, saving you space when it comes to packing outfits. However, for an even more statement-making appearance, match our ladies cotton blouse with the striking May Trousers. Alternatively, if you decide to wear the outfit during the day, we would suggest accessorising with our eye-catching Pilar Hat.

Summer Cruise Outfits at Lily Ella

Whether you’re on the hunt for straightforward ladies trousers and top combination to relax and enjoy the journey in, or you’re looking for a more lavish dress to wear to formal evening meals, our range of holiday outfits for women from the Lily Ella summer collection will ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your cruise in style. Looking for further inspiration? Simply browse our Mid Season Summer Sale Catalogue at Lily Ella and discover a complete collection of outfits tailor made to complement your summer getaway.