Which Dress Style Best Suits Your Body Shape?

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and we’re surrounded by beautiful women with different body shapes every single day. No two bodies are the same and that’s the beauty of the world and everyone in it, some of us are naturally curvier, some of us have narrower hips or wider shoulders - we’re all different and this is something that ought to be celebrated.

But, with thousands of different dress styles and shapes, it’s tricky to know where to begin when it comes to flattering your own shape. Learning to embrace your natural figure and finding the perfect dress to flaunt your features may seem like a difficult task, but we’re here to help at Lily Ella.

Keep reading this post as we present some helpful tips and tricks on how to dress for your body shape, so you can truly feel good about yourself in the perfect dress. Whatever your body shape, at Lily Ella, we have a dress, made exclusively to complement your figure.


If your body shape is naturally straight where the top and bottom halves of your body are similar measurements with little waist definition, you have one of the most common body types in the UK. With naturally balanced hips and bust, the key to finding a dress for a “column” figure is to proportionally pair the top with the bottom of your body, whilst finding a dress that enhances your waist. By cinching in your waist, you can subtly create the illusion of a more curvaceous effect proportionally to your body. Simply invest in a dress that draws you in at the waist with its natural material or better still, a dress that features a tie waist so you can create a shapely look with a timeless piece.

For a smart-casual look this winter, Lily Ella’s Staithes Dress is perfect for a day at the Christmas markets or for brunch with the ladies. Accentuate your physique in our gorgeous, soft blue-grey dobby dress, made from smooth denim material that is a perfect take on the classic button-down shirt dress. Keep warm with the long sleeves and naturally thick nature of the denim whilst looking stylish this season.

Lily Ella Staithes Dress

Staithes Dress £80.95 £40.48

The optional self-tie belt will naturally add shape to your ensemble. Pair with knee-high boots and a cropped jacket to create the perfect chic look this winter.


With a naturally curvaceous figure, you will have equally predominant busts and hips, situated with a narrow waist and you need to show this off! Choose dresses that naturally emphasise your waist and keep your top and bottom curves balanced out to ensure your gorgeous curves are accentuated (not hidden).

A trick for you hourglass ladies is to purchase a dress with a low neckline as this instantly draws the eye to your narrow waist, which will naturally highlight your shape.

Nerine Dress
Nerine Dress £89.95 £80.96

If you’re heading to an elegant winter event this season, Lily Ella’s feminine Nerine Dress is acclaimed as the ‘pretty perfect’ dress and makes a wonderful wardrobe addition. With a low neckline, this luxurious item draws on our trick to accentuate your curves. Concealed with a waist seam and featuring a flared skirt this autumnal coloured dress will not leave you short of compliments this party season.


“Apple” shapes are naturally defined with fullness around the tummy area and shapely legs. For this figure, a shorter length dress is essential for drawing attention to your legs. Pair with a lightweight, printed dress to distract the eye from the mid-section and accentuate the rest of your assets. Catching up with friends at parties or going out for dinner with family? This season is the perfect time to invest in a gorgeous dress for your body shape.

Dorothea Dress

Dorothea Dress £84.95 £50.97

Lily Ella’s dresses are cleverly shaped and designed to make you feel graceful and elegant and the Dorothea Dress is perfect for an “apple” figure. Featuring a side tie waist and stunning abstract colours, this shorter length dress will ensure your legs are the centre of attention this season. Offering a flattering A-line fit, this dress is stylish and comfortable for the busy season ahead.


Having a “pear” shape often means you have a small upper half and defined waist with a fuller weight on your hips and thighs, so it’s important to choose a well proportioned and properly fitted item to create a flattering silhouette.

Contrary to a smaller length dress for a “apple” figure, maxi dresses are your best friend! Plus, choosing a dress with a round neck top creates a balanced figure. We suggest a stunning knit dress like Lily Ella’s Essential Polo Dress.

Essential Polo Dress

Essential Polo Dress £84.95 £72.21

This is a classic stretch-jersey dress featuring a cosy polo neck for the colder months. Designed with a slight A-line, with long sleeves, the Essential Polo Dress will help you create an elegant smart-casual look this winter.

Pair the bottle green dress with sand-coloured boots and accessories to make the dress and your body shape stand out in style.

At Lily Ella, we design all of our collections in-house, to ensure looking sophisticated and stylish as we age doesn’t compromise on comfort. One of the key styling tips we can take away from how to dress for your body shape, is to embrace your body and flaunt your features. With a little help from our tricks and tips to flatter your shape, take a look at our latest Lily Ella catalogue for the latest fashion dresses, designed to help you express your best self, by looking and feeling fabulous this winter.