Top Ten Blogs for Ladies Over 60

At first glance, blogging may seem like something that is only limited to the younger generation, and with so many influencers targeting younger audiences, it can be difficult finding a blogger you relate to. But, contrary to popular belief, there are in fact a wide variety of fabulous blogs that are written by seniors, for seniors, each adopting their own unique tone of voice and covering a number of different topics that are suited to the needs of their ever-growing audiences.

Whether you prefer a style blog, travel blog, or are looking to try out some tried-and-tested recipes in your spare time, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best over 60 influencers and bloggers for 2023 that we recommend taking a look at. Perfect for those who find themselves with more free time as they reach retirement, there’s something for everyone in this list of motivational and relatable bloggers.

1) Accidental Icon

If you’re looking for an over 60 style blogger, Lyn Slater is the author of the blog Accidental Icon. She started the blog after struggling to find fashion pieces that focused on modern and intellectual aesthetics for ‘women who live ordinary but interesting lives’. Although the blog is centred around fashion, the self-proclaimed ‘no-longer accidental’ icon also offers a range of insightful pieces relating to life as a grandma, general lifestyle, and work. For ladies over 60 with an interest in fashion, personal styling, or general lifestyle topics that relate to life for the over 60s, this is the perfect blog to leave you feeling inspired and ready to spruce up your wardrobe.

2) Lily Ella

Following on from this, if you’re looking for further style inspiration, you’ll love what we have to offer at Lily Ella. The Lily Ella blog features a range of style-led and lifestyle based topics. From fashion inspiration to useful and relatable tips, titles we’ve covered in the past include ‘top tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe’, ‘what to wear on a cruise’ and ‘how to choose a statement necklace’. From fun activities paired with fashion ideas to competitions and more, our ladies blog provides the perfect place for mature ladies to gather style inspiration and shop timeless outfits built to flatter.

3) Lavender and Lovage

Perhaps fashion blogs aren’t for everyone, or maybe you’re in need of a more varied scope of topics. Whatever the case, Karen Burns-Booth is a fantastic blogger for those who like cooking or travelling. An over 60 influencer based in the UK, Karen from Lavender and Lovage has lived all over the world, creating inspiring recipes and writing a number of captivating tales from her time travelling. With written tutorials on how to make a range of traditional English dishes, while also covering more international recipes she picked up on her travels, the insightful blog also offers trip planning advice and travel journals, perfect for those who may be planning a getaway this year. In this blog, there’s truly something for everyone.

4) The Senior Nomads

After retiring, Debbie and Michael Campbell embarked on a global adventure to explore new countries and live alongside the locals. Giving up their home, cars, and sailboat in 2013, they’ve since travelled to 87 countries with no sign of stopping! If you love travelling, join the couple on their adventures as they document each new place they visit, along with their own set of tips, tricks and recommendations. But, if the nomad life doesn’t take your fancy, you’ll occasionally find other topics such as book recommendations and ideas for games to play if you’re planning on having the family over.

5) Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me, founded by Margaret Manning, is the ideal blog for ladies over 60. The blog, curated by a community of over 500,000 like-minded women sharing their life advice and experiences, covers a whole host of topics relevant to the over 60s demographic, including fashion, beauty, travel, health, money, and more. With such a wide range of topics specifically catered to those over 60, Sixty and Me is bursting with inspiration, making it a truly fantastic blog to follow.

6) Grandma’s Briefs

Lisa Carpenter is the mastermind behind Grandma’s Briefs. Despite adopting a peculiar name, the blog is perfect for those who are looking for a more personal outlook on life as an over 60, sharing insights into her daily life as a long-distance grandma. Like many others, Lisa doesn’t agree with the outdated stereotype of being an apron-wearing matriarch (nor do we!), and created Grandma’s Briefs to show the world that grandmas can still have a lust for life, and be actively engaged with many activities beyond simply cooking, baking and sewing. On this blog, you’ll find fun activities to do with your grandkids, delicious recipe ideas, general conversation pieces, and more. Grandma’s briefs is perfect for those looking for a relatable blog to which they can feel connected to.

7) Senior Style Bible

Reverting back to fashion-centric blogs, the Senior Style Bible is written by 80-year-old retired Dorri Jacobson, who can certainly provide a more unusual take on life as a former Playboy Bunny and model. Adopting a conversational tone, the blog aims to inspire senior women to take a more youthful outlook on life, covering style, relationships, beauty, and travel, amongst other topics. Dorri’s outlook on life is truly inspirational and makes youth culture accessible to women of all ages, helping to combat the stigma around ageing.

8) Susan After 60

Susan After 60 is a blog that shares a relatable outlook on life as a mature lady. Recognising that for some women, no matter how much they exercise or diet, silhouettes change as you age, Susan presents ways to flatter this silhouette by making more conscious style choices, writing bespoke articles giving expert fashion advice for ladies of all shapes and sizes. With a fashion-forward focus, Susan also shares health and well-being tips, as well as food and beauty articles to ensure that all aspects of life after 60 are covered.

9) Inspire My Style

Candi Randolph is the creator of Inspire My Style, a blog that addresses the natural ageing process and the importance of adopting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, with plenty of tips on fashion, beauty, home decor, nutrition, and more. While the blog is targeted at women over 60, there’s also lots of advice for women in their fifties, so you might also be keen to share the blog with friends and family, and even read this together.

10) Viva Fifty

Lastly, we’d like to give an honourable mention to Viva Fifty. Despite the age-specific name, the blog has lots of articles relevant to women above the age of 50, including simple ways to stay fit, home remedies, skincare, and more. As an added bonus, the blog posts some articles in Spanish, so if you’re bi-lingual or would like to kickstart learning a new language as a hobby, Viva Fifty is a great way to learn about life after 50, and Spanish at the same time!

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Hopefully, you’ve found your new favourite influencer from this comprehensive list of over 60s influencers and style bloggers. If you’re social media savvy, many of the over 60s bloggers listed above offer public pages so you can follow them whilst you eagerly wait for new articles to be posted.

As many of these blogs are style-focused, this may have inspired you to upgrade your wardrobe. To further explore new styles, check out our Lily Ella inspiration guide to find ladies clothing and stylish accessories to suit your fashion preferences. Alternatively, the Lily Ella blog is updated monthly with brand-new style pieces, guides and general articles to provide you with plenty of inspiration.